A complete beginner guide about synthetic urine


Basically synthetic urine is also called as fake urine or fake pee and it is artificially made of liquid and this urine color is quiet similar to the original urine color, odor, temperature and important chemical components. This urine comes with certain kinds of the accessories such as holding bags, heating pads and whizzinator. You must follow necessary precautions when you plan to use synthetic urine and some of the sellers are providing low quality of products. Actually knowing the legitimate seller is straightforward and easy. If you surf in online then you might get thousands of websites but you must carefully pick the legitimate website. It is always important note to decide the use of synthetic urine.


In most of the cases, two oz is enough for testing and you must use it in the effective way. It is used for specific purposes such as science and education, drug testing, marketing, urine therapy and fetish. It is widely used in labs for development and research purposes. As everyone knows synthetic urine contains huge numbers of the organic and inorganic substances are there. All kinds of the components are products of the cellular metabolism. Actually main component of synthetic urine might consist about 95% of nitrogen of urine. At the same basic inorganic component are sulfates, ammonia, chlorides and sulfates. As per the studies says that synthetic urine must have temperature of 90-100 degree Fahrenheit that might be an acceptable specimen. The artificial urine is created to calibrate drug testing equipment which might contain certain amount of the drug substance. In fact synthetic urine might not have only normal concentration but also it might be concentrated and powdered form. The concentrated product could have the form of gel or liquid. Powdered synthetic urine might be mixed with the heat activator.


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